Hi, I'm Ben.

About Me

I'm Ben Allen, a web developer living in the Washington, D.C. area. I have been learning web development since June 2016 and have mastered HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, React and Bootstrap so far. I am currently working on understanding WebPack and Node.js.

Before I developed a consuming passion for web development, I worked on Capitol Hill. I learned a lot about how government works and policy is cooked up, but then found that web development was where my heart was. Prior to that I was an English teacher in South Korea where I discovered my love for learning new things outweighs my interest in teaching, though I loved living abroad and the travel it allowed me to do. It’s all on my LinkedIn profile.

So far, teaching myself web development has been an amazing journey where the triumphs dwarf the frustrations and I feel empowered to influence the world around me for the better. I am excited every day to move forward and expand my skills.

My Work

React Premier League Standings

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An app built in React that shows the current rankings of the English Premier League for this season. Also conditionally renders a component that shows the current squad of each team and some information about the players. Deployed on Heroku.

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